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Trained at City and Guilds of London Art College.

Background: decorative artist and designer with extensive experience of working to commission and a large London client base.


Images below taken at a recent exhibition at The Empire Gallery, Vyner Street, London.

Exhibition at The Empire Gallery


 The Empire Gallery


 The Empire Gallery



Current work

Having had an established career as a decorative artist and designer, her paintings reflect the many aspects of her skills. Working with a mixture of paint media and using an extensive range of techniques, these include the traditional methods of water and oil gilding, lacquer and glaze finishes. Her current paintings combine various approaches and media (acrylics, oils, varnishes) to explore their interaction, contrasts and textures.

Colour is important and is built up in glazes to create a sensation of depth and generate a layered transparency.

"Throughout my work there runs a recurring theme of something revealed below the surface and the mediums I use convey the effect of (scratching away) uncovering multiple dimensions."

Her subject matter is usually taken from landscape and many of her influences stem from the rich vibrant colours of the Mediterranean. Inspired by the light and how it effects and transforms surfaces, her work is semi abstract and uses imagery of shapes, texture and colour.

Recent exibitions have included  solo shows at the Spitz Gallery and The Empire Gallery,Vyner Street. London.  She is a member of Greenwich Open Studio Group.

She continues to work from her studio near the Thames Barrier in London, making her diary, which is the daily process of exploring the limits and potentials of her painting.

"After preparing with gesso to create wonderfully smooth surfaces, I apply bronze powders and gold and silver leaf as well as lacquers and other mixed paint media. My current paintings combine these traditional methods and materials with a contemporary feel to produce multi-textured, many layered images."

"I have also produced a series of life paintings mounted on gilded textured backgrounds. The gilding process is an integral part of the finished work."

Further information

For information on prices please contact Fiona on:

Tel: 07710 348 926

Email: info@athanassaki.co.uk

All mixed media:

Tangle | 63 x 46 cm
Hand Held
Hand Held | 63 x 46 cm
Far | 18 x 25 cm
Automated | 18 x 25 cm

Photography by Hal Satterthwaite | email:hal@1000faces.co.uk